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Eden Adds to Artistic Portfolio

Derwent Brass are delighted to announce the formal appointment of Matthew Eden as their new Associate Composer. Matthew, who recently held the title of ‘Young Composer in Residence’ at the Black Dyke Band, was approached to further bolster the band’s artistic progression alongside existing Contemporary Music Associate Paul McGhee. Matthew, who studies composition under Laura Bowler at the Royal Northern College of Music, has also spent considerable time working alongside some highly recognisable names, including a close working relationship with Professor Peter Graham. 

Matthew Eden - Derwent Brass Associate Composer“I am delighted to have been appointed Associate Composer of Derwent Brass, with whom I have long had a personal connection. Working with them is always a great pleasure and from the dialogue to date with their recently appointed Music Director Jack Capstaff, the future looks very exciting indeed. I consider myself very fortunate to have such a talented and open-minded group for which to write, and I look forward immensely to seeing what we are able to create together going forward.” (Matthew Eden)

Matthew’s music has been recorded and performed by such artists as The Hallé Orchestra, Black Dyke Band, the Foden’s Band, Christopher Bill, and more recently Derwent Brass included two commissions of his work on their latest album entitled ‘Distinctly Derwent’. Both Matthew and Paul also recently penned bespoke works for the band’s highly publicised ‘Grand Finale’ concert which marked the end of Keith Leonard’s tenure at the helm as Musical Director last year. Jack Capstaff who took over from Keith last October commented:

“Derwent Brass and I have a passion and drive to advance the artistic scope of brass band music, and I believe that in years to come, as is evident in the music he creates now, Matthew will play an important part in this. In my first concert with the band we performed one of his original works (‘Meditation’) and it was immediately obvious to me that Matthew’s compositional talent, and the way in which he moulds his clear compositional voice to the idiom of brass bands, is very special indeed. I am therefore delighted that he accepted our invitation to formalise the relationship so we can truly maximise the artistic potential. 

Matthew also recognises and embraces the importance of collaborative work, something very important to both myself and the band, so I’m in no doubt that this, with some projects already in the planning, will be a very prosperous relationship indeed.” (Jack Capstaff, Music Director)

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